Portrait Paintings of Note: By Portrait Painter Johanna Spinks



Kevin Costner, collection Museum of Ventura County.

Angela Lansbury, collection The Players' Club, New York.

Rex Harrison, collection The Players' Club, New York.

Norman Rockwell, collection The Players' Club, New York,

Charles Laughton, collection The Players' Club, New York.

Howard Lindsay, collection The Players's Club, New York.

Lesley Anne Down, "Upstairs Downstairs", "North and South, collection of sitter.

Dolly Reed Martin, Valley of the Dolls actress, (wife of Dick Martin).

Patricia Altschul, Bravo's  TV "Southern Charm".

Verity-Jane Dearley, child star, "The Saint", "Oliver", London, England, collection of sitter.

Cathy "Gidget" Zuckerman, Malibu, California.

Scott Tallal, president Malibu Film Society.

April Scott, TV presenter "Millionaire Model".

Naoma Tate,  Former Chairman of the Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody, WY.

Joan Benedict Steiger, actress/author, (wife of Rod Steiger).

Edwin Hugh Barron, arts patron, theatre professor Ventura College, collection SCIART, Ventura, CA.

Yvonne Jean-Haffen, artist, (1895-1993), collection “Les Amis de la Grande Vigne”, Yvonne Jean-Haffen Museum, France

Karyl Lynn Burns, founder Rubicon Theatre, collection Museum of Ventura County.

Lorenzo DeStefano, director Ventura Film Society, collection Museum of Ventura County.

Elda Unger, President, Free Arts for Abused Children.

Paula Mae Schwartz, President Malibu Playhouse Theatre, CEO Chockstone Pictures.

Dominique Navarro, an Emmy-award winning art director and forensic artist current working in Luxor, Egypt, drawing temple tomb excavation historical records of wall art. 

Inger Hodgson, Swedish portrait artist.

Alan Roderick-Jones, Star Wars set designer

Gayle Hooker, TV stuntwoman.



Paul McCartney, private collection.

Davey Johnstone, lead guitarist, musical director Elton John Band, collection of sitter.

Nicole Cabell, opera singer, collecton Museum of Ventura County.

Mark Hartley, director Fitzgerald-Hartley Music Mgt. Company, collection Museum of Ventura County.



Paul Almond, Order of Canada, writer/director, creator of "7-Up" documentary series. Collection of Paul Almond Center, Canada.

Lucinda Bassett, best-selling 'self-help' author, "You Can Heal Your Life", founder/CEO Mid-West Ctr. for Stress and Anxiety.

Sheldon Brown, publisher Ventura Breeze, collection Museum of Ventura County.

Arnold York, publisher Malibu Times

Karen York, publisher Malibu Times



Superior Court Judge Cesar C. Sarmiento.

Apellate Court Justice Judge Elizabeth A. Grimes.



Bishop J. Jon Bruno, collection Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.

Bishop Frederich H. Borsch, collection Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.

Bishop Charles von Rosenberg, collection Diocese of South Carolina.

Bishop William Alexander Guerry, collection Diocese of South Carolina.

Rev. J. Wilmur Gresham, collection of Grace Church, South Carolina.

Rev. Hank Mitchel, collection Oak Park Episcopal Church, California.

Rev. William Spear, collection Grace Church, South Carolina.

Dr. Ric Cannada, collection Reformed Theogical Seminary, North Carolina.

Dr. Frank Reich, collection Reformed Theogical Seminary, North Carolina.

Cantor Marcello Gindlin, Malibu Jewish Center, California.

Rev. Luther McCurtis, Total Life Christian Center, Ventura, collection Ventura County Museum.

Rabbi Menachem M. Schnneerson, Chabad-Lubavitch movement.



California State Senator Henry Stern

Gilli Lewis Lavendar, Mayor of Merton, London, England, collection of sitter.

Cheryl Heitman, Mayor of Ventura, collection Museum of Ventura County.

Joan House, Mayor of Malibu, four terms.

Laura Rosenthall, Mayor of Malibu.

Walt Keller, Mayor of Malibu.

Sharon Barovsky, Mayor of Malibu.

Lou La Monte,Mayor of Malibu.

Skylar Peak, Mayor of Malibu.

Jefferson Wagner, "Zuma Jay", original Marlboro Man, Mayor of Malibu.

Ken Cozzens, Captain, Ventura County Sheriff's Office, Ventura Breeze "Unsung Hero" Portrait Award, collection of sitter.

Captain Joshua W. Thai, The Los Angeles County Sherrif's Dept.

Police Chief Ken Corney, Ventura County, collection Museum of Ventura County.

Fire Chief Randi DeGregory, retired, Malibu, CA.


Dr. J. Peedin, collection Pender County Memorial Hospital, North Carolina.

Dr. Billy Dunlap, collecion Raleigh Medical Group, North Carolina.

Sam Cranford, collection Randolph Hospital, North Carolina.



Kip Forbes, Forbes Magazine, collection of sitter.

Bonnie Atmore, CEO FOOD Share

Trudy Tuttle Arriaga, Ventura County Superintendant of Education, collection Museum of Ventura County.

Howard Borroughs, bio-scientist, two portraits in the collection Museum of Ventura County.

Donna Granata, documentarian, "Focus on the Masters", collection Museum of Ventura County.

Dr. D. Nofziger-Plank, scientist, Pepperdine University, Malibu.

George Rosenthall, CEO Raleigh Studios, Hollywoord. Owner Malibu Rosenthall Wine Estates.

Ellen Shane, director/founder Emily Shane Foundation.

Marie Stapel, president Malibu Arts Association.

Barbara Quaid, CEO Ventura County Fairgrounds, collection Museum of Ventura County.

Kim Devane, President Divine Imaging Inc., Los Angeles, CA.

Ron Semler, CEO, Semler Vineyard Estates, Malibu Family Wines.

Chris Carradine, Disney Theme Park Designer.

Rachel Mumford, co founder of Barry's Bootcamp Fitness Empire.

Jill Greenberg, Director, Malibu Learning Center

Hank Mengedoht, world explorer, collection of sitter.



Mary Osborne, Pro-surfer, collection Museum of Ventura County.

Paul Sunderland TV Sports Commentator, Los Angeles Lakers /The Olympics, collection of sitter.

Marv Dunphy,  Olympic Volleyball Coach, Pepperdine University.



General Sir Harold Fawcus, Director of The British Red Cross, private collection.

Lance Corporal Nicholas H. Anderson, collection of "Portraits of The Fallen", curator Sherry Moore.



"Miss S. - Cambodia", collection Freedom 58 Project USA,  highlighting sexual trafficking of minors worldwide.


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